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  Ossian Temple
l Jagdish Temple lAdhar Devi Temple Dilwara Temples l        Bhand Sagar Temple l Nasiyan Temple l

 Ossian Temple           

The temples of here are among the earliest of all medieval temples of Rajasthan. Ruins of several temples dot the present day Ossian. The earlier temples are almost like miniature shrines, some only eight feet in height. Among these intricately carved red sandstone edifices, three are dedicated to Harihara- or the union of Vishnu and Shiva. Profously carved from their raising plinths, pillars and right upto the very pinnacle of the spires, these temples are considered architectural masterpieces even by foreign scholars such as Percy Brown, James Burgess and Herman Goetz.
Among the oldest group of temples stands the Sun temple which was built in 10th century. They are often compared to the carvings of the Sun temple of Konark. According to records , right in the middle of the town stood a another magnificent Sun temple. This, and a score other beautiful shrines were subsequently destroyed during the Turkish and Afghan invasions of India. Out of the more than 100 temples this town once had, barely 16 stand today. Even these have been ravaged by time.
Although majority of the temples at Ossian have decayed with time and have even lost images of their deities- the one temple that remains vibrant is the shrine of Sachiyamata on a nearby hillock. Built in 1234 A.D, this temple was dedicated to Durga or Mahisasura Mardini. Today it has become a very important shrine for Jains.

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Jagdish Temple               

Located only 150 metres north of the entrance to the City Palace, this fine Indo-Aryan templewas built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651 and enshrines a black stone image of Vishnu an Jagannath. Lord of the Universe. A brass image of the Garuda is in a shrine in front o f the temple and the steps up to the temple are flanked by elephants.

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Adhar Devi Temple (Mt Abu)      

Three km out of the town, 200 steep steps lead to this Durga temple built in a natural cleft in the rock. You have to stoop to get through the low entrance to the temple. There are good views over Mt Abu form up here.

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Dilwara Temples (Mt Abu)       

These Jain Temples are Mt Abu, main attraction and amongst the finest exaples of Jain architecture in India. The complex includes two temples in which the art of carving marble reached unsurpassed heights. The older of the temples is the Vimal Vasahi, built in 1031 and dedicated to the first tirthankar, Adinath. The central shrine has an image of Adinath, while around the courtyard are 52 identical cells, each with a Buddha-like cross legged image

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Bhand Sagar Temple     

The 16th-century Jain temple to the 23rd tirthankar, Parasvanath, is the most important of the complex. Others include the Chintanai temple of 1505 and the Adinath Temple. there is a fine view of the city wall and surrounding countryside from the park behind the temple.

Devi Kund:- Eight km east of Bikaner, this is the site of the royal chhatris of many of the Bika dynasty rulers. The white marbel chhatri of Maharaja Surat Singh isamont the most imposing.

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Nasiyan Temple        

The REd Temple on Prithviraj Marg is a Jain temple built last century. Its double-storey hall contains a series of large. gilt wooded figures from Jain mythology which depict the Jain concept of the ancient world. It,s centanly worth a visit. A sign in the temple warns tht Smoking and chewing of beatles is prohibited.

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